Welcome to the Delicate Balance.

This is an accumulation of interests developed over many years.

Here is an eclectic range of information, ranging from the seriousness of cancer to the joyous teaching of angels.

Many years ago, when I started this website(The Delicate Balance) as an extension of a paper newsletter created to open up discussions about alternative medicine, traditional western doctors were heavily opposed at the time. Check out the About page for the story behind the story:) Times are slowly changing. However, just like in real life, stuff intervened and the site has been sitting unchanged for a decade or so.

I will use this early content to continue discussions started and add some new ones to reflect living in today's world. For those whose interest is piqued, there will be links to follow for additional information.

As a starting point
the link to Body will split into two threads 1) Curing cancer and 2) Preventing it.

Spirit will explore some non-traditional views of life beyond the physical...