Welcome to the Delicate Balance.

This is an accumulation of interests developed over many years.

The Beginning of the Story

The first Delicate Balance was a newsletter sharing what we learned as our friend and partner, Cindi, went through diagnosis and remission of breast cancer, then relapse and traditional treatments.
As time has gone by, our lives have intertwined, gone off on our individual adventures and come back together again.

On March 30, 1998 Cindi passed into spirit. As in life, her first concerns were not for herself, but for how well her family and friends were prepared. When it was time, all her liveliness and enthusiasm left in one last quiet breath.  For those of you still fighting the battle, may you use this site as a source for the same indomitable fighting spirit and will that is Cindi's legacy to us all.

The Middle of the Story

   What we present here is an eclectic display, ranging from the seriousness of cancer to the joyous teaching of angels.

   We look on the Internet as the next last frontier, using it to distribute information, to promote business, yours, mine and ours, and to provide a place where conversations can start and lines of thought can spiral and intertwine, leading to the joy of creation.

   Be advised that this site will be permanently under construction, and as in life, be prepared to enjoy the unfolding journey. . .

A Little Reminiscing...

I will use this early content to continue discussions started and add some new ones to reflect living in today's world. For those whose interest is piqued, there will be links to follow for additional information.

A Little More Reminiscing...

Vinny's pride and joy . . . fife and drum corps at it's best